Phonics & Reading

summer preschool allen tx Our phonics and reading programs are offered as an enrichment class for students 3-6 years old. Enrollment is open to the public as well as Apple Creek students.

Pre-Reading – This class is designed to help students increase their ability to recognize both upper and lowercase letters. Hands on learning using games, music, art, and kinesthetic activities will be used.

Enrollment requirements: Students must be at least 3-years-old by September 1, be fully potty trained, and able to recognize 6-8 alphabet letters.

Phonics/Reading – The students will be taught letter sounds and learn how to blend them to form words. This is a multi-sensory program of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory activities. This program is an introduction for beginning readers and will also help those already reading to strengthen their skills.

Enrollment requirements: Students must be at least 4-years-old and be able to recognize all of the upper and lowercase letters.

Advanced Reading – This class is for students who can already read and would like to enhance their reading abilities. This program includes advanced reading concepts, phonetically based reading principals, and reading comprehension. .

Enrollment requirements: Students must be at least 4-years-old and have already completed the phonics/reading program at Apple Creek.

Each class is offered two days a week and runs for six weeks.

Tuition is $175, due in full at time of registration.

Classes are available on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.

*Please download the form below for class times and contact your nearest school for enrollment availability.

Phonics Registration Form 18-19

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Frisco Phonics Registration Form 2017-2018