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Activity-Focused Learning at Half Day Preschool Frisco TX

At Apple Creek Preschool, our half day preschool Frisco TX programs for two, three and four-year-olds and pre-kindergarten classes are divided into AM and PM sessions. Enroll your child in whatever class is convenient for you. Each program has a curriculum designed with its age group in mind.  Apple Creek Private Preschool is the only National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited school in Frisco. Half day Preschool Frisco TX: For Two Year Olds For the youngest learners, our Pinnacle curriculum features hands-on activities to encourage children to play and learn at the same time. This time-tested curriculum is Read more
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Half Day Preschool in Frisco, TX: The Right Choice for Your Child

Signing up for half day preschool in Frisco, TX is a great way to get your child acclimated to being away from home. There has been some controversy as to which is better, half day or full day, but it really depends on the child and the parents, and what is available in your area. Half day preschool in Frisco, TX allows both you and your child to get used to this time apart, while they get special attention and the chance to learn and socialize. Some people see preschool as just a bunch of children playing while their parents are at work, Read more
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Give Your Child the Right Start with the Right Half Day Preschool in Frisco, TX

The early childhood years are so vital for building a foundation for learning, so it’s important that your child goes to a quality half day preschool in Frisco, TX. The minds of young children are eager to learn and soak up every bit of knowledge they can get. Get your child the beginning of a lifelong love of learning with the excellent half day preschool in Frisco, TX at Apple Creek Preschool. We blend learning with joyful playing and encouraging teamwork. We will work with your child at the pace he or she is comfortable with. Call us today to schedule Read more
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Half Day Preschool Frisco, TX: Benefits of Children Going to Preschool

Having a child is an exciting event for any couple. When your child is a baby, you want them to stay tiny forever, but it is inevitable that they will grow and start to experience the world for themselves. Before children leave the nest for half day preschool in Frisco TX, there will come a time when their parents will no longer be the only the person from which they will learn everything. For some, that comes when children are old enough to be enrolled in kindergarten, but for others, this time comes when parents enroll their children in preschool Read more