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“This is the best preschool you will ever find. Your child will be prepared for kindergarten in every way. My child’s kindergarten teacher said that she can always tell who the Apple Creek students are because they are so well prepared for school.”
Ryan and Marisa N.

“We searched extensively for an academically rigorous yet highly caring and nurturing educational environment. We wanted to find a school that believed “learning” and “fun” go hand-in-hand. Selecting Apple Creek Private Preschool was the single best decision we made in terms of our daughter’s schooling. They are simply unequaled in going above-and-beyond to maximize the potential and success of each and every student.”
Carey H. and Karen H., M.Ed.

“I love that Apple Creek encourages and appreciates parent involvement at the preschool. There are so many opportunities to volunteer in the class, for various school functions and on the school board. I feel that I am truly part of my children’s preschool education.”
Debbie R., (mother of 3 Apple Creek students)

“With pediatric speech pathology in my background, I appreciate that children need a top-notch curriculum starting in Kindergarten and feel that Apple Creek earns an A+ in academic readiness. While we believe the education aspect that Apple Creek offers is wonderful, we also feel that equally important is Apple Creek’s strength for social development. Words cannot express how pleased we are to have found Apple Creek.”
Danielle and Tim M.

“Apple Creek laid the foundation for my children’s ongoing success in school. This success included selection for gifted and talented program and being on the right track for learning when they started elementary school. I like the diversity of children in the Apple Creek programs. My children attended classes with children who spoke other languages and children with diverse needs such as one child who required a wheelchair. I felt this opportunity at a young age provided acceptance of diversity and they think nothing of it.”
Kelly C.

“Apple Creek’s nurturing environment took my extremely shy child and fostered within her the confidence and independence to transition into kindergarten easily. The teachers and staff are very flexible and have always made themselves available to answer my questions and provide guidance when I need it. The love and concern they have shown make it very easy to trust them with the care of my children.”
Carol C.


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