About Us

Apple Creek Private Preschool is devoted to educating young children in a positive and nurturing environment.

Apple Creek offers morning or afternoon half-day preschool classes two, three, or five days a week. We provide children with hands-on learning in an academic environment filled with stimulating educational experiences. Preschool classes are offered for children two through five years of age. Summer programs Frisco TX and enrichment classes are also available.


Apple Creek Private Preschool began as Apple Valley Schoolhouse  in 1987 in the home of Tammie L. Williams.  The school grew in popularity and an expansion to Ms. Tammie’s home was only a short term solution to meeting the demand for her school.  After years of perseverance, Apple Creek Private Preschool was built in Frisco and opened to the community in the spring of 2004.

Tammie L. Williams has served on many Early Childhood boards and is a popular public speaker in the areas of Early Childhood and Parenting.  She has a Master’s degree in Child Development as well as an MBA. Additionally, she has over 30 years of experience working with hundreds of children and families.


Apple Creek Preschool is committed to providing a high quality preschool that will build each child’s self-esteem by giving positive motivation and enriching learning activities.

Each child’s individual needs are met by providing a wealth of learning opportunities for social, academic, physical and creative growth.

Apple Creek’s Mission Statement: Building a foundation of academic and social success through a love of learning.

Our Teachers

Working with children in a positive and successful way takes a true talent. This special talent is evident in every Apple Creek teacher’s unique dedication and enthusiasm for teaching.

Team teaching and low ratios allow Apple Creek’s degreed and/or highly experienced teachers the opportunity to bond with each child and give individual attention. Our teachers focus on each child’s individual learning styles to provide the best educational and developmentally appropriate experiences possible.

Apple Creek is committed to excellence in teaching and promotes continuing education for teachers. By providing for the cost of books and tuition, Apple Creek supports our teachers’ dedication to advancing their teaching knowledge and skills. Apple Creek also supplies each teacher with 24 hours of training and education each year, as well as CPR and First Aid Certification.

Why Choose Us

  • NAEYC accredited.
  • Certified by the Texas State Center for Early Childhood Development as a Kindergarten Ready Program.
  • Highly trained and/or degreed teachers.
  • Low student to teacher ratio.
  • Team teaching.
  • Developmentally appropriate classrooms.
  • Strong parent involvement; Parent Organization.
  • Award winning curricula taught throughout all classrooms.